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These are the personal teaching and revision notes of Dr Richard Clarkson. I am currently working in Brunei Darussalam.

This site is still undevelopement and I do not think I will ever finish it for good. At the moment I have changed schools and am now in Brunei, doing the AQA GCSE, AS and A2 specifications so the site needs a few changes (mainly additions) to fit in with these.

Be sure to check the Site map to find any page and check out the latest changes. Two of the newest additions are the inclusion of "Hot Potato" quizes and a collection of short YouTube Videos which detail notes for a range of (eventually all) topics.

The site will still be of great use for the C.I.E. IGCSE exam as I still like the greater IGCSE syllabus content for a lot of topics.

There are frequent links between different parts of a particular topic and between separate topics. These are denoted by blue words that turn green and change size when you hover the mouse over the hyperlink. Also a number of images have image maps which can take you a specific area quickly.

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There is a lot of HTML5, javascript and CSS on these pages and so you must ensure that javascript is enabled in your browser. I myself use the latest version of Chrome as my browser of choice and these pages are compatible, but they should also work with the latest versions of IE, Firefox and Safari.

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